Julien Bismuth
Monologues for Minerals, 1.1 (Salt Flat/Radio Stück)
May 26 - Jun 30, 2007

Julien Bismuth (1973, Paris) is both an artist and a writer. His work moves between the fields of painting, drawing and installation and displays an important interest for narration and performance. “Untitled (Salt Flat)” are a series of salt crystal paintings that call to mind grey, molecular landscapes. Several stories were written by Bismuth specifically for these monochrome mineral paintings. As different episodes of a 25-part radio play these will be played every day of the exhibition. The plays are spoken by different male and female voices - among them Bismuth himself - accompanied by a musical score by Giancarlo Vulcano. In the different (chemical) relations the salt crystal paintings seem to reflect the stories and the tensions between its characters.  A small sculptural work consists of a pair of shoes overgrown with crystals, both an image of immobility, death or of escape.